The National Zakat Coordination Meeting in 2021 has resulted several resolutions one of which is the acceleration of digital transformation of zakat. To accelerate digitalization of zakat management in Indonesia, the National Board of Zakat (BAZNAS) in collaboration with the Department of Islamic Economics and Finance of Central Bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) are conducting research namely Digital Readiness Parameter for Zakat Management/ Zakat Digital Readiness Index. The research aims to construct indicators to assess the digital readiness level of zakat management in facing digital transformation era.

The parameter identifies the zakat collection activities, zakat distribution, and zakat reporting by utilizing four critical successful factors of digital readiness which consist of digital infrastructure readiness, digital tools application readiness, digital ecosystem readiness, and the readiness of digital agents and skills. The indicators of Zakat Digital Readiness Index will officially measure all Indonesian zakat institutions in the following year.

Before national measurement in the coming year, Puskas BAZNAS has initiated to conduct preliminary research in three provinces which are Banten Province, Jakarta Province, and West Java Province by involving nine zakat institutions. Mr Abdul Aziz Yahya Saoqi, Puskas BAZNAS Senior Researcher, leads the research in Banten Province. There are three zakat institutions in Banten Province as research samples that are BAZNAS Kota Cilegon, BAZNAS Provinsi Banten, and LAZ Harapan Dhuafa Banten. The preliminary research aims to check the validity and applicability of the parameters and provides some improvements to enhance the reliability of the Zakat Digital Readiness Index before national measurement in 2022.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS