On Tuesday (2/11/2021), Puskas BAZNAS held the first pilot project of the Zakat Management Organization Coordination Index with BAZNAS North Sumatra. The Pilot Project was carried out with the aim of measuring the feasibility and reliability of the Coordination Index. This activity was carried out online with the interview method was conducted by the Strategic Research Team 2 to the leaders of BAZNAS, North Sumatra Province. In the interview, BAZNAS North Sumatra Province was represented by the Chairman of BAZNAS and Deputy Chair III, namely Mr. Drs. H. Amansyah Nasution, MSP and Mr. Ir. H. Syahrul Jalal, MBA. Interviews were conducted to obtain information related to planning, activities, and coordination results from BAZNAS North Sumatra Province.

In its implementation, in addition to the Pilot Project with BAZNAS North Sumatra, the pilot project will also be carried out at Provincial and Regency/City BAZNAS as well as National and Regency/City LAZ. The results of the interviews will then be processed to determine the Likert scale of each Coordination Index indicator. It is hoped that this pilot project will improve the existing temporary draft of the Coordination Index.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS