On Thursday (5/11/2021), Puskas BAZNAS conducted a technical training in filling Number Identification of Mustahik (NIM) 2.0 to all BAZNAS in Indonesia. the leaders from all BAZNAS level also participated in the training. The event started with a speech delivered by Mrs. Saidah Sakwah as the Commisioner of BAZNAS.

“NIM will become a national level mustahik data collection system. This system will be integrated as an effort to sharpen the target of zakat recipients by utilizing national mustahik data,” explained Mrs. Saidah. She called to all participants to pay attention to the training

The activity continued with an explanation of the material and demonstration of the procedure to fill out the NIM by the Head of the BAZNAS Puskas, M. Hasbi Zaenal. The event ran smoothly and was full of enthusiasm.

Mustahik Identification Number is a special number for mustahik who has been assisted by BAZNAS. This numbering will be integrated nationally between OPZs. The purpose of the codification is for avoid centralized intervention in one mustahik, making it easier to achieve the goals.

The Mustahik Identification Number that has been developed by BAZNAS is one of the solutions to answer integrations challenges. The NIM which was developed through a strategic collaboration between BAZNAS and the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs, is an excellent innovation in terms of increasing the effectiveness of distribution and utilization as mandated by law. Therefore, all OPZs should be able to use this data as much as possible to maximize the benefit of mustahik.

On this occasion, the highest appreciation is presented to BAZNAS of South Tangerang City and BAZNAS of Cirebon District for having the highest participation rate in filling out the NIM for the past two years. Hopefully, their hard work can also trigger the others to complete the mustahik data.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS