On Tuesday (30/11/2021), Puskas BAZNAS held the second chapter of NIM 2.0 socialization. In this chapter, the socialization was held for all Private Zakat Institutions (LAZ) in Indonesia. The agenda began with remarks from the Director of Puskas BAZNAS.

"Today's event is very important to harmonize the meaning of the importance of data integration between Zakat Management Organizations," said the Director of the BAZNAS Puskas. LAZ is part of the national zakat ecosystem which also a significant component in poverty alleviation. Also, he calls all participants to pay high attention in utilizing this data.

The Mustahik Identification Number that has been developed by BAZNAS is one of the solutions to answer integrations challenges. The NIM which was developed through a strategic collaboration between BAZNAS and the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs, is an excellent innovation in increasing the effectiveness of distribution and utilization as mandated by law. Therefore, all ZMOs should be able to utilize this system for the benefit of mustahik.

On this occasion, the highest appreciation is presented to LAZ Yayasan Rumah Yatim Ar-Rohman Indonesia for having the highest participation rate in filling out the NIM for the past two years. Hopefully, their hard work can also motivate others to complete the mustahik data.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS