Zakat Management Organization (ZMO), as an organization that relies on public trust, needs good governance practices to achieve the goals of zakat management. Good governance cannot be separated from risk management because good risk management is one of the foundations in realizing good governance in ZMO. As an institution that manages public funds, ZMO is very likely to be exposed to various kinds of risks, both risks in the collection, operation, and distribution of zakat funds. So to keep the functions and duties of the ZMO following existing regulations, the ZMO is required to be able to manage the risks it faces effectively. Therefore, ZMO must improve in managing its activities and programs that provide benefits to the people by aligning the institution's performance with the achievement of risk performance.

 However, the reality is that the risk management aspect in ZMO has not received much attention and serious discussion. In practice, there is no clear guideline for managing risk in ZMO, so ZMO cannot implement risk management. Therefore, it is necessary to study how to apply risk management according to SNI ISO 31000, the primary reference for entities/organizations in risk management in ZMO. This study aims to determine the perception, urgency, realization, constraints, and strategies in applying risk management in profit organizations and non-profit organizations such as ZMO, which can later be formulated into a risk management guide module in ZMO. This study was conducted using two methods: the first study of literature related to risk management based on SNI ISO 31000 both in profit organizations and non-profit organizations and the second through Focus Group Discussions (FGD), which was held twice. The informants for the first FGD are commercial companies and non-commercial institutions that have implemented risk management. Meanwhile, the speakers for the second FGD were ZMOs, both BAZNAS and LAZ, representing the national, provincial and district levels.

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