The purpose of zakat management is to increase effectiveness and efficiency, so that zakat can benefit the wider community and play a role in alleviating poverty. Therefore, a comprehensive and holistic measurement is needed to assess the performance of zakat institutions. Several studies have tried to measure the performance of zakat institutions, both from the financial and institutional aspects. However, previous research is still a partial assessment of certain aspects.

By integrating the index and previous studies, this study aims to be a comprehensive assessment that can measure the soundness level of zakat institutions. Therefore, the Soundness Index of ZMO is expected to be a comprehensive and precise measuring tool in measuring and determining the health level of zakat institutions.

The Soundness Index of the ZMO book is available in two languages, Indonesian and English. For more details, please download the book via the link:


Indeks Kesehatan OPZ (Bahasa Indonesia): 

Soundness Index of Zakat Management Organizations (ZMO):


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS