As the zakat national coordinator, BAZNAS always tries to improve the quality of zakat management human resources. According to this goal, BAZNAS seeks to increase the literacy of various stakeholders, one of which is through external parties such as colleges. This plan was formed in a student internship program called Akademi Pendidikan Zakat Indonesia (APZI). Continuing the previous discussion that was attended by Association of Islamic Economics and Zakat Waqf Study Program, this discussion that was held on Monday, January 25, 2022 (25/01/2022) was attended by Achmad Sudrajat and Ahmad Zayadi as the leader of BAZNAS RI, the director of Puskas BAZNAS, public relations, and secretariat team of Puskas BAZNAS.

This discussion aims to obtain the direction and recommendation from the leaders of BAZNAS regarding the future of the APZI program. According to the leaders of BAZNAS, APZI is an interesting program, moreover, it is able to complement the previous program, namely BAZNAS Institute. Furthermore, APZI is also in line with strengthening the national zakat coordination that is being pursued by BAZNAS. The future of this program will be held in 4 batches every year. The strategic division that students can occupy for this program such as collection, distribution, and finance division. In organizing this program, BAZNAS will have to be prepared to face the challenges such as the body of knowledge from BAZNAS itself and how to deliver to regional BAZNAS related to learning and teaching methodologies during the APZI program.

This interesting discussion ended with the approval and positive response from the leaders of BAZNAS. This program will prioritize the student from Islamic economics and the zakat waqf study program. In the future, BAZNAS will further design a guidebook to guide in more detail regarding the running of this program. With the running of the APZI program, it is hoped that it will be able to link the supply and demand of human resources for zakat management and increase student interest in joining as part of it.

Rep: Puskas BAZNAS