On Thursday (27/1), BAZNAS attended a virtual meeting with the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (Kemen PUPR). This meeting was attended by the Director General of Housings, Iwan Suprijanto, ST, MT and his colleagues along with the Acting Director of Research and Development of BAZNAS, Dr. Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal and the Director of Distribution, Bapak Ahmad Fikri and several other participants from BAZNAS. The meeting discussed the progress on the Memorandum of Understanding for the BAZNAS and Kemen PUPR partnership and the potential programs that will be realized in the near future once the MoU has been signed. 

The MoU is planned to be signed through a signing ceremony. The Director General of Housing hopes that once the MoU has been officially signed, the programs discussed within the meeting should be executed immediately. One of the potential programs that were discussed was the development of permanent housing for those affected by natural disasters. Dr. Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal stated that BAZNAS aims to develop 40.000 housings and public facilities in 2022. The realization of this target will be supported by Kemen PUPR in developing the permanent housing for those affected in disaster areas. Mr. Ahmad Fikri suggested that one of the first areas of focus for the partnership program should be in Lumajang Regency which was affected by the volcanic eruption in early December 2021. 


The meeting further discussed possible partnership designs including the design of the program itself and the budgeting plans and shares. Mr. Iwan Suprijanto, ST, MT expects that the partnership focuses more on the development of permanent housings rather than temporary housings. This is to accelerate the realization of welfare for the locals who have been affected by the volcanic eruption. The program in Lumajang Regency is expected to be finished by Eid al Fitr in 2022.