Kayuagung, Sumselupdate.com – The collection of zakat for state civil servants (ASN) of the Ogan Komering Ilir Regency Government and members of the 0402 OKI/OI Kodim in 2021 reaches Rp1.4 billion. The zakat and infaq proceeds are used for poverty alleviation programs such as rehabilitation of uninhabitable houses (RTLH), assistance for mosques and madrasas, and medical assistance for underprivileged residents.

Since 2018 the Regent of Ogan Komering Ilir (OKI), H. Iskandar, SE has handed over the management of zakat to the Amil Zakat Infaq and Sadaqah (BAZNAS) Agency of Ogan Komering Ilir Regency.

Chairman of the OKI BAZNAS, H.M. Nazir Bayd, said that the zakat collection for ASN and TNI members in the OKI is increasing every year.

"The source of funds from ASN from the OKI Regency Government under the Regent (Iskandar) is increasing day by day. Therefore, ASN awareness, thank God, is good; this is thanks to the guidance of the regional head, especially the Regent, as well as the Dandim (Lt.Col. Inf. Hendra) who fosters its members," he said, Tuesday (01/2/22).

He explained that the funds that will enter BAZNAS in 2021 include zakat of Rp.659,432,542 and infaq of Rp.813,875,813. Most of these funds come from professional zakat for ASN within the OKI Regency Government and members of the OKI Kodim 0402.

The funds were used for poverty alleviation through several aid programs to meet the recipients' basic needs. This includes assistance for rehabilitating uninhabitable houses, education costs and public health services.

"According to the instructions of the Regent, this poverty must be attacked together. However, of course, it is regulated how and who does what," he continued.

In 2022, the OKI BAZNAS will continue the zakat program for these people by targeting as many as 30 rehabilitation of uninhabitable houses.

"We will continue the program that is already running. In 2022, we are targeting to be able to rehabilitate as many as 30 uninhabitable houses," he added.

Nazir hopes that these programs will positively impact society, especially in poverty alleviation.

The DPRD and the OKI Regency Government draft a Regional Regulation on Zakat Management. The Regency Government and DPRD Ogan Komering Ilir are currently working on Regional Regulation (Perda) No. 5 2021 related to zakat management. This regulation hopes that zakat management from both the state civil apparatus (ASN) and the community can be maximized.

Plt. The Head of the Regional Welfare Section (Kabag) of the OKI Secretariat, Suradi, explained that paying zakat must be understood as an obligation for Muslims who can afford it.

Thus, it is necessary to strengthen its implementation by regulations at the regional level. Moreover, zakat collection is a potential source of funds in supporting efforts to reduce poverty.

"In the context of protecting, fostering and providing services to muzakki, mustahik and amil zakat, it is necessary to stipulate regional regulations regarding the management of zakat, infaq and alms," said Suradi recently.

Suradi's own regional regulation on zakat management aims to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of services in zakat management. Its implementation is still adjusted to the demands of religion.

"So everything must be optimized, starting from the collection stage to distribution. We hope that this regional regulation can facilitate all of that, support the implementation by religious principles," he concluded. (**)