On Wednesday (09/02) Puskas BAZNAS held the second meeting for the survey of The Indicators For The Mapping Of Zakat Potential. This meeting was opened by Dr. Muhammad Choirin Deputy Director of Puskas, which was followed by a presentation from the coordinator of the survey STEI Al Ishlah, and discussing the progress report of the data collection.

In his remarks, Dr Muhammad Choirin said that this meeting was very important as a forum for communication between the coordinator and the enumerator team representing each region so that progress remained in line with the targets that had been set at the beginning and could also discuss the obstacles faced during the survey.

In general, the IPPZ data collection process has reached 76 percent. During the process of data collection, the team faced many obstacles, especially in the search for city/district-based data. This meeting also discussed solutions to answer the obstacles and challenges faced by the team during their data collecting process. Seeing the excellent progress, Puskas are optimistic that this study can be completed in accordance with the target, which is expected to be by the end of March.