On Friday (11/02/2022), Puskas BAZNAS held its first focus group discussion on making amil zakat checklist book with the Commissioner of BAZNAS and BAZNAS Directors. The purpose of this discussion is to assist in improving the performance of regional BAZNAS leaders and provide guidelines for regional BAZNAS leaders in carrying out their daily work. The discussion began with a brief explanation of the concept and purpose of the Amil Zakat Checklist Book by the Director of DKPN BAZNAS, Dr. Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal and a presentation on the overall Amil Zakat Checklist Book by BAZNAS Centre of Strategic researcher, Dr. Qurrah Ayyuniyah.

The main event of the discussion began when the BAZNAS Centre of Strategic researchers presented the Amil Zakat Checklist Book, starting from the concepts, variables, timeframes, and indicators, as well as discussions with the Commissioner of BAZNAS and Directors of BAZNAS. In the discussion session, Dr. Zainulbahar Noor, as the Commissioner of BAZNAS provided many useful inputs for the Amil Zakat Checklist Book, especially in the feedback section of the Amil Zakat Checklist Book and the pilot project at the Regional BAZNAS. The discussion session continued with input from the Director of National Collection of BAZNAS, Mr. Fitriansyah Agus Setiawan, Director of Services of BAZNAS, Mr. Rulli Kurniawan, Director of Distribution of BAZNAS, Mr. Ahmad Fikri, Director of Strengthening Distribution and National Utilization of BAZNAS, Mr. Agus Siswanto, and Head of the Harmonization of Organizational Policy of BAZNAS, Mr. Khuzaifah Hanum.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS