On Thursday (02/24/2022), Puskas BAZNAS successfully carried out an Online Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with the theme "The Implementation Guideline of Zakat City". This discussion aims to obtain feedback and suggestions from practitioners from Regional BAZNAS to improve the feasibility of the Zakat City study to be implemented in the district or city region.

This activity began with remarks by the Vice Director of the Puskas BAZNAS, Dr. Muhammad Choirin. Then, it continued with the presentation of material on preparing the implementation guideline of zakat city by Khonsa Tsabita as Research Fellow of the Puskas BAZNAS. After the presentation of the material, the activity continued with a discussion session from three panelists consisting of BAZNAS Barru District (Mr. Amrullah Mamma), BAZNAS Sragen District (Mr. Mustaqim), and BAZNAS Sumedang District (Mr. Ayi Subhan Hafas).

The discussion session was closed by Dr. Zainulbahar Noor as the Commissioner of BAZNAS. Dr. Zainul provided many valuable inputs for the guideline, especially in the feedback section, to assure its practicability for stakeholders in the region.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS