On Monday, March 7 2022 Puskas BAZNAS released a book publication on the Zakat Ratio on Company Shares 2022. This publication was designed as a guideline for the zakat payment of company shareholders. Puskas BAZNAS previously launched a similar study in 2020. This research is an update on the previous publication.

The publication discusses the price of zakat for each company's shares which are enlisted in BEI. The total zakat potential of company shares in the BEI list is Rp 81,94 trillion, which is lower than the previous published number in 2020 which was Rp. 69 trillion. Overall, according to the calculations in the RZS publication the average for zakat on stocks is Rp 15,81. This number is lower than the average in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

The publication not only provides data on the zakat for each company’s shares, but also examples of zakat calculations for the shareholders to pay their zakat. Puskas BAZNAS also released an official news version of this publication. The publication can be accessed at the Puskas BAZNAS website at https://puskasbaznas.com/publications/books/1650-rasio-zakat-per-lembar-saham-2022

Rep : Puskas BAZNAS