The second FGD (10/3) regarding Zakat City can capture some things from the zakat collection strategy. This strategy is captured from the awardees of the BAZNAS Award 2022 in The Best Zakat Collection Innovation and Collection Growth categories.

BAZNAS of West Kalimantan Province, which gets the Best Zakat Collection Innovation award, pointed out some strategies in their collection activity. There are three formulas to strengthen their collections:

  • Zakat collection unit (UPZ) reinforcement
  • The digitalization for collection channel
  • The initiation of zakat from retail and public institutions

BAZNAS of West Kalimantan Province also enhances the importance of branding strategy in zakat collection activity. This branding strategy is obtained to increase public awareness about zakat itself.

While BAZNAS of Karanganyar Regency added some notes regarding the importance of the muzaki database and the services, the database completeness helps the OPZ increase ZIS collection. Besides that, improving services quality to muzaki can also be the factor to maximize the zakat collection activity.

These things have already been captured in the FGD held by Puskas BAZNAS about two weeks ago. In short, these inputs contribute to the discussion about the recent project, which is the implementation guideline of Zakat City.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS

Image Source: BAZNAS Provinsi Kalimantan Barat & BAZNAS Kabupaten Karanganyar