Based on the discussion on implementing the second FGD in the City of Zakat, several things can be captured from the excellent practice of managing IT systems presented by two representatives of BAZNAS, Sumedang Regency, and BAZNAS, South Kalimantan Province. This strategy was captured by the winners of the 2022 BAZNAS Award in the best institutional category and the best use of SIMBA.

BAZNAS Sumedang Regency, which received the Best Institutional award, stated several strategies for managing their IT system. The process is to have 7 IT-specific HR qualifications with IT skills in zakat management with a job desk that looks at the latest technological developments. BAZNAS Sumedang Regency also has several IT-based programs for better zakat management, including Whatsapp SIMBAZ, SIMBAZ application, and a GIS-based command center for mapping zakat management programs.

Meanwhile, BAZNAS of South Kalimantan Province, which received the best SIMBA usage award, added several notes regarding the importance of using the BAZNAS mobile application to summarize all work related to data management more effectively efficiently by being integrated via mobile. Some of the prioritized mobile applications are the website, Midtrans, online banking, SIMBA, Google Sheet, and the South Kalimantan BAZNAS mobile application.

This was recorded in the FGD held by the BAZNAS Puskas about two weeks ago. In short, these inputs contribute to the discussion of the latest program related to the implementation of the city of zakat in Indonesia.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS

Image Source: BAZNAS Provinsi Kalimantan Selatan & BAZNAS Kabupaten Sumedang