Puskas BAZNAS held a second FGD on March 10, 2022 with the theme of “Capturing the Best Practices in Zakat Management”. One of the topics of discussion was zakat distribution strategy in two BAZNAS regional who were the awardees of the BAZNAS Award 2022 in The Best Zakat Distribution category. The awardees were BAZNAS Banten Province and BAZNAS Cirebon Regency.

Both BAZNAS pointed out several zakat distribution programs in their area such as:

  1. Scholarship program for high school and undergraduate students
  2. Z-Mart program for micro and small entrepreneurs
  3. Cataract surgery program for dhuafa
  4. Direct cash fund for pesantren
  5. House renovation program (Rumah Tinggal Layak Huni) for
  6. Food package program
  7. Layanan Aktif BAZNAS/LAB (BAZNAS Active Service)

BAZNAS Banten Province highlighted the innovation strategy in zakat distribution activity. It was managing the teams from both BAZNAS Tanggap Bencana (BAZNAS Disaster Response) and LAB team including the volunteers to deliver fast response to mustahik.

Then, BAZNAS Cirebon Regency also added two critical points in zakat distribution strategy:

  1. Successful zakat distribution could happen if the zakat collection activity, zakat management, quality of amil, and government support were strong and had a good system as an integrated process of zakat.
  2. A good monitoring and evaluating system.

These important points regarding zakat distribution strategy contributed to enrich the Guidelines of Zakat City Implementation project.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS

Image Source: BAZNAS of Cirebon Regency