In the context of preparing guidelines for implementing the city of zakat, BAZNAS Central Lampung Regency and BAZNAS Tuban Regency became resource persons in the presentation of best utilization practices.

Practically, in the utilization process, BAZNAS needs to coordinate with the Regional Government regarding data on the poor who have businesses and meet the criteria for receiving zakat asnaf for the poor—in addition, applying the principle of equity in the distribution of zakat funds and carrying out assistance for mustahik.

The flagship utilization programs in BAZNAS Tuban Regency are optimizing 55 hectares of rainfed agricultural land in Jatimulyo Village, Plumpang District, Tuban Regency, East Java. Meanwhile, BAZNAS Central Lampung Regency has the flagship program BAZNAS Microfinance Desa, Warung Mitra BAZNAS, and Kampung BAZNAS.

Instead of discussing the good practices and leading programs, strategies for utilization in each BAZNAS are also discussed. It is hoped that this can inspire other FGD participants and be incorporated into the Zakat City Implementation Guidelines that can be applied by all districts/cities.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS

Image Source: BAZNAS of Tuban Regency & BAZNAS of Central Lampung Regency