The Central National Amil Zakat Agency (BAZNAS RI) managed to collect zakat worth IDR 198 billion in Ramadan 1443 Hijriah. This gain increased by 51 percent compared to last year's Ramadan, said Deputy I for Collection of Baznas M Arifin Purwakananta. This increase is considered very high, considering that usually there is an increase of around 35 percent every year. The high public interest is one of the main reasons for this increase.

The message "Cinta Zakat Menyejahterakan Umat" is the title of this year's zakat campaign, which is conveyed through various forms, including TV media, print, electronic and social media. In addition, BAZNAS held activities in several shopping centres in the capital, such as the Ramadan stage, Islamic studies both off-air and on-air and presenting distribution and utilization programs promoted during Ramadan.

"We help build workshops or small stalls for mustahik called Z Auto. We also launched UKM efforts in selling fried chicken under the Z Chicken brand. In addition, a Happy Ramadhan Package Distribution program in the form of necessities was also held," he continued.

In addition, BAZNAS has won a digital award before Ramadan, which provides encouragement to drive campaigns in this area. The institution is relatively superior in developing digital services to socialize zakat in Indonesia.


Photo source: Masyarakat-berzakat-baznas-launch-application-cinta-zakat/ 

Rep: Puskas BAZNAS