The Directorate of Studies and Development (DKPN) of BAZNAS released official news related to the "Economic Potential of Qurban in 2022" which discussed the potential, supply chain, and determining the price of Qurban at the upcoming Eid al-Adha celebration in 2022. The BAZNAS DKPN team managed to estimate the mapping related to the economic potential of the Qurban in 2022 in the hope that it can be a guide for the government and the community in ensuring the availability of Qurban in Indonesia is more evenly distributed.

The Economic Study of Qurban in 2022 is intended to calculate the economic potential of Qurban and how the implementation of Qurban has an impact on the turning of the community's economy. the implementation of Qurban in Indonesia can run more efficiently.

The estimated value of the Qurban obtained in 2022 is IDR 31.6 trillion, an increase of 74% from the potential in 2021. The value of Qurban cattle is IDR 22.3 trillion and goats IDR 9.3 trillion. The economic potential comes from 2.61 million Shohibul Qurban and about 2.1 million slaughtered Qurban animals consisting of 1.6 million sheep/goats and 521 thousand cows. The total Qurban meat produced is 166 thousand tons, consisting of 124.5 thousand tons of lamb/goat meat and 41.9 thousand tons of beef.

With effective and efficient supply chain management, the entities involved in the Qurban animal supply chain can ensure the need for quality and sufficient quantity of Qurban animals at prices that are more affordable for the wider community. In addition, based on the results of an impact study conducted on the Mustahik Farmer Empowerment Program of BAZNAS, the Balai Ternak program as a mustahik empowerment program has been proven to be able to transform mustahik into better material and spiritual conditions.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS