The Indonesian Conference of Zakat (ICONZ) is an annual international conference in zakat initiated by the National Board of Zakat of the Republic of Indonesia (BAZNAS). The conference will be attended by academics, practitioners of the Islamic financial industry Management Institutions, officials from related institutions, and the general public. The 6th ICONZ also held a Call for Paper activity as a forum for academics to present the zakat research in various aspects.

On Thursday (11/3/2022), the Directorate of Study and Development of ZIS and the National DSKL held an inaugural meeting and technical guidance for the 6th ICONZ Review Paper. The Call for Paper team of BAZNAS RI collaborated with Reviewers from Campus Partners, namely Walisongo State Islamic University, Wahid Hasyim University, and NU Jepara Islamic University.

This activity began with a speech by the Event Coordinator, Abdul Aziz Yahya Saoqi. Then, it continued with the presentation of material by the Head of the Call for Paper Team, Nono Hartono, S.Pi, M.Sc. The essence of the presentation of this material is a technical explanation of the review paper, the mechanism for reviewing the paper and also an explanation of the timeline of the review paper.

Material presentation session focused on discussion and question and answer session about the procedure for reviewing the 6th ICONZ BAZNAS paper. Some frequently asked questions include the weighting of the paper scores. With the implementation of this activity, it is hoped that the reviewers can carry out their duties according to their technical and objective nature, considering that these papers will be included in the journal later. This activity ran smoothly, and Reviewers from Campus Partners enthusiastically responded to the entire session.


Rep. Puskas BAZNAS