On 27 February 2023, a high-level meeting between the World Zakat and Waqf Forum (WZWF) and Dr. Hiba Ahmed (Director General of Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (IsFD)) IsDB was conducted. She was also the former Minister of Finance of Sudan. She respresented the President of IsDB to meet the Secretary General of WZWF to discuss "illegal" actions by UNHCR carrying out the collection of zakat from the Global Islamic Ummah for refugees (UNHCR Refugee Zakat Fund). Dr. Saleh Al Awaji, Deputy Secretary General of WZWF from Saudi Arabia also joined the meeting and was very tough on UNHCR's zakat activities. Prof. Zainulbahar Noor the Secretary General of WZWF, and Dr. Irfan Syauqi Beik, the Executive Secretary of WZWF, represented WZWF on this meeting.

At the meeting, it was conveyed that one of the points discussed at the WZWF 2022 International Conference and Annual Meeting in Leeds, UK, was related to the rejection of UNHCR's actions in collecting global zakat. Dr. Hasbi (in his position as Head of WZWF R&D) presented briefly the results of BAZNAS Directorate of Studies and Development's research on UNHCR specifically the movements they carried out in collecting global Zakat and distributing it to refugees by transferring certain portions to several countries that accommodate refugees.

Dr. Hiba Ahmed stated that she had the same view with WZWF's objection. Stating that IsDB even as an Islamic Bank does not have the mandate to collect zakat, as was done by UNHCR. In fact, for refugee assistance, IsFD has taken an initiative with UNHCR to form GIFR (Global Islamic Fund for Refugees). Thus, UNHCR should not form the UNHCR Refugee Zakat Fund as there were others social fund which can assist the refugees need.

The WZWF meeting with IsDB was also attended by Deputy Prof. M. Nuh, Chairman of Badan Wakaf Indonesia. This high-level meeting resulted the agreement between WZWF and IsFD to collaborate on the global zakat and waqf from Islamic countries and to discuss further regarding UNHCR's "illegal" actions in collecting global zakat for refugees.