The celebration of the 22nd BAZNAS anniversary was closed with the last series of webinars that was held on Tuesday, January 31, 2023 (31/01/2023) with the theme ‘The Challenges of Implementing Standard Operating Procedures in Realizing Zakat Management Standards in Indonesia’. This theme is intended to build a stronger, more trusted, and modern BAZNAS as a government board authorized in the field of zakat management. This SOP implementation is also an important part of the national standardization plan.

The speakers in this webinar are leaders from various agencies who have strategic roles in their respective fields. This last webinar was attended by Prof. (HC). Zainulbahar Noor, S.E, M.Ec (BAZNAS Commisioner), Drs. Muhammad Zubair., M.Sc., AIIS (HR Development Commissioner at BNSP), Karno, S.E, M.M, CRGP, CERG, CIB (Director of Compliance at Bank Muamalat), and Aris Widi Setiawan (Vice President of Sustainable Finance at Bank Syariah Indonesia).

This webinar began with the presentation of material from the Commissioner of BAZNAS. Zainulbahar said that the arrangement of the SOP in BAZNAS was carried out by adjusting the structure and organization which refers to the policies of the commissioners who will serve in 2020-2025. This SOP is made following the technical activities of each work unit in BAZNAS. Next is the presentation session from representatives of Bank Muamalat. Karno explained that it is necessary to implement Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) in the management of zakat. This GRC-based SOP can contain internal provisions, processes, duties and responsibilities, dual control, risk awareness, and competency improvement content. Zubair, the BNSP Commissioner added that making SOPs for zakat management also needs to refer to SKKNI 333 of 2020.

This webinar closes the BAZNAS 22nd Anniversary Webinar Series which started on January 25, 2023. This event ran smoothly and was attended by many participants with diverse backgrounds such as amil zakat, students, practitioners, and academics. This webinar aims to provide new understanding for general participants as well as provide in-depth understanding for zakat operators in all regions throughout Indonesia regarding the implementation of SOP so that the performance of zakat management in Indonesia will be more measurable and remain on track in the future.