BAZNAS as a non-structural government institution has duties and functions in each implementing unit that has been regulated by laws and other derivative regulations. As one of the steps to streamline and efficiency the duties and functions for all bureaus and directorates at BAZNAS RI, on Tuesday, May 16, 2023, a Focus Group Discussion was held to discussed the harmonization of the duties and functions of the Secretariat of the Ministry of Religious Affairs at BAZNAS and the Implementing Unit of BAZNAS RI.

This discussion was attended by Col. CAJ (Ret.) Drs. Nur Chamdani as the Head of BAZNAS for Human Resources (HR), Finance and General Affairs, then attended by several bureaus and directorates in BAZNAS RI, also the Main Secretariat team of BAZNAS RI. In addition, representatives from the Deputy for Institutional and Governance of the Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) also attended this agenda, namely Mrs. Vera, presented discussion materials related to the structure and bureaucracy of good and correct governance. From this presentation, there are 3 Main Pillars to support the excellent quality of public services, so that if the three pillars are implemented properly, it can realize a good bureaucracy. Good institutional governance will also support a good performance, then all processes and stages in it can be more directed. 

After the discussion is carried out, a performance evaluation will be held first before execution for the next stage. The hope after this discussion is to create a good governance structure especially at BAZNAS RI, so that every work can be carried out more optimally and structured in accordance with the regulations that have been regulated.