August 15, 2023 - Mr. Noor Achmad, Chairman of BAZNAS, opened the pre-meeting for the BAZNAS National Coordination Meeting (Rakornas) with great enthusiasm via a Zoom meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to prepare for the upcoming Rakornas BAZNAS, scheduled for next week, and to conduct socialization and confirm targets for next year's zakat collection.

In his address, Mr. Noor Achmad highlighted the importance of an active role for all BAZNAS units in regions, districts, and cities in this year's Rakornas. He emphasized the significance of cooperation and enthusiasm from all BAZNAS units throughout Indonesia. This is expected to strengthen synergy and partnerships among BAZNAS units to achieve collective targets in zakat collection.

"The work of BAZNAS is not just our responsibility at the center but is also the responsibility of all of us in the regions. I invited all BAZNAS units across Indonesia to actively participate in this year's Rakornas and be a part of the process we would undertake to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of zakat collection," Mr. Noor Achmad stated.

One of the primary objectives of this pre-Rakornas meeting was to conduct socialization and confirm targets for zakat collection in the following year. This was considered crucial to ensure that all BAZNAS units have a common understanding of the direction and goals to be achieved in the effort to collect zakat next year.

The meeting was also attended by representatives from various regions, districts, and cities who participated in this gathering. The hope was that this year's Rakornas BAZNAS will serve as a crucial platform to strengthen the BAZNAS network across Indonesia and enhance zakat collection for the benefit of those in need. All participants are expected to work diligently and enthusiastically in achieving common goals in improving zakat collection in the coming years.