Bali Province best known to the world as a tourist destination, coastal area, and silver shining beach, this island has the majority Hindu community. Nonetheless, there is a small Muslim community living in Bali which mainly migrants from other areas such as Java Island, but there are still a few number of villages inhabited by the indigenous of Muslim Bali community. One of the Bali neighborhood inhabited by indigenous Muslim community is the village of Candi Kuning Bali II- Baturiti District, located right in front of the popular tourism destination: Bratan Lake and Ulun Danu Temple. On 22 October 2016, Puskas BAZNAS team conducting the survey briefing on the evaluation of the effectiveness zakat distribution Baturiti District. The survey driven with a poverty measurement tool CIBEST models which gives the projection both material and spiritual welfare.

The briefing begins with a meeting between representatives of Puskas BAZNAS, BAZNAS Tabanan Regency, and BAZNAS Baturiti District, in BAZNAS Tabanan Regency office. As the briefing agenda, there is a transfer of information between Puskas BAZNAS and Regional BAZNAS about the urgency of the survey, as well as a forum for the Regional BAZNAS submit comments and suggestions on BAZNAS activities and the strategic plan forward. Then, the activities continued with a technical briefing for questionnaires and excel data input to the enumerators who are young people of the village of Candi Kuning II.

In Baturiti District, Zakat Community Development Program being implemented in agriculture such as vegetables plantation, house of mushroom (oyster mushroom cultivation), and integrated farming activities that integrated to Baitul Mal Wattamtsil program (Cooperative Bali Mandiri). The outcomes of this survey will be obtained a projection of such activities which may affect the mustahik in shape of material and spiritual welfare. (Lala/Puskas)