BAZNAS continue to develop various models of economic programs based on charity fund for needy people and groups of mustahik (recipients). BAZNAS have built three institutes within the framework of the economic empowerment program. Those are School of Entrepreneurship (SEWIRA), LP4 (Institute of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Development Center) and LPMP (Mustahik Entrepreneur Empowerment Institution).

SEWIRA is entrepreneurship education and training for mustahik aged 19-30 years who had strong determination to be a businessman. This institution involves practitioners, professionals, academics and leaders of Muslim entrepreneurs. "Through this program, BAZNAS want to build paradigm, soul, instill spiritual values, and shar'ī rules in business," said Board Member of BAZNAS, Nana Mintarti in Press Conference in Surabaya, Friday (10/28).

Also attending the ceremony were Vice Chairman 1 BAZNAS of East Java Province, Nur Hidayat.

Through alumni SEWIRA expected to build a network of entrepreneurs to help each other in developing the business. Plans up to 2021, BAZNAS can produce new 5,000 entrepreneurs.

While the LP4 is an institution that empowers and protects the ranchers and farmers. The establishment of this institution is inspired by actual condition of farmers and ranchers today which largely poor. Data from the Central Agency of Statistics (BPS) in 2013 showed that the average land ownership was only 0.3 hectares per family of farmers. Regarding this land area, until the end of 2014, the household income of the farmer or RTP was only Rp12,41 million per year or Rp 1.30 million per month.

The livestock sector is also not much different. Each farmer has only two or three cows with various limitations such as weak access and poor technological knowledge.

Through this institution, BAZNAS plans to alleviate 280,000 poor people in 2016. Mustahik Entrepreneur Empowerment Institution (LPMP) was launched by the Chairman BAZNAS, Prof Bambang Sudibyo, and Vice Chairman, Dr Zainulbahar Noor, last October.

This institution wants to affirm zakat as energy  of the micro businesses doer to push the growth, blessing and business development. Besides, LPMP distribute zakat to encourage micro businesses so that they could work optimally and obtain adequate results. Prof. Bambang targeting, in the second year, there will be 5 LPMP in 5 regions, and in the third year at least 15 LPMP have been established in 15 regions. For the first year, BAZNAS will allocate Rp 47 billion as working capital of this institution. (PUSKAS NEWS)