One of the national private zakat institutions, IZI (Inisiatif Zakat Indonesia) celebrated its 1st anniversary on Thursday (11/10). IZI is the zakat wing of PKPU (Pos Keadilan Peduli Umat) which is now transforming to become an international humanitarian NGO. In its anniversary program, Puskas BAZNAS Director, Irfan Syauqi Beik, was invited to give a talk on current issues in national and international zakat movement. Wildhan Dewayana, IZI CEO, was attending the talk.

Irfan said that at global level, recognition on the importance of the role of zakat has increased for the last two years. For example, he said, zakat issue was highlighted in the World Humanitarian Report 2015 in which it discussed the zakat potential that could be utilized for humanitarian programs. This recognition is even greater now since the World face the same problem, i.e. deteriorating economic condition that may endanger common people. The world need more economic resources to overcome current economic recession and zakat is found to have huge potential.

Therefore in this regard, Irfan said that many countries now pay more attention towards zakat instrument. Tommy Hendrajati, PKPU director, agreed with Irfan and he stated that in one international meeting of Humanitarian NGO held in Switzerland recently, many countries attempted to use zakat resources for their humanitarian programs.

As for domestic interest, Irfan highlighted the importance of synergy among formal zakat institutions. "IZI, BAZNAS and others should work together so zakat potential can be optimized for betterment of the entire society," Irfan said. This is the right momentum for national Zakat awakening movement. Zakat objectives can only be achieved through synergy and active collaboration. (PUSKAS NEWS/