GRESIK, WEST JAVA –November 5, 2016, Center of Strategic Studies BAZNAS (PUSKAS BAZNAS) had opportunity to survey Baznas Gresik. The representatives welcomed by the Head of Baznas Gresik. Baznas Gresik chaired by Vice Regent of Gresik, based on Regent Gresik Decree Ref. 451/1131/J/437.12/2015. For the information, Baznas Gresik has got two national awards in 2015, i.e. application usage of SIMBA-BAZNAS and Gresik regent as active advisory in Baznas district level. Currently, Baznas Gresik has had five Baznas Programs (1) Intelligent Gresik, (2) Healthy Gresik, (3) Caring Gresik, (4) Useful Gresik, and (5) Taqwa Gresik; This all focusing on productive zakat.

For example, Useful Gresik program which started in 2015 has been distribute zakat funds as much Rp. 802 918 000; 28 people for revolving capital, 3 people for working tools and 126 people for livestock rolling either individual or collective. One of them is Goeboek Ternak are located in the Tempel Dusun, Wedani Village, District of Cerme which has 10 members and each member was given 4 goats (1 goat-stud and 3 she-goats), in less than two years the goats raised by the group produced three times from the amount initially. Currently Baznas gresik were looking for a larger place to relocate the goats, this is due to enclosure of land provided is not sufficient to accommodate the livestock that continues to grow.

On the same opportunity, PUSKAS BAZNAS visited Baznas Gresik mustahiq which has business peanut brittle beans and shrimp in the form of a bicycle cart, in order to get around hawking wares. Baznas Gresik also took part in the distribution process including in terms of standardized packaging and for some products such as herbal rice kencur also been facilitated BPOM registration. Read more KLIK. (PUSKAS BAZNAS NEWS/