Centre of Strategic Studies BAZNAS (PUSKAS BAZNAS) held the survey in Baznas Sijunjung on November 4-6, 2016. The event begins with a visit to the Baznas province of West Sumatra was greeted warmly by the chairman and the entire staff Baznas West Sumatra. Furthermore, with the entire board of Baznas Sijunjung PUSKAS BAZNAS visit Jorong Napar to conduct the initial survey were greeted by all the residents and the village gathered at the mosque as a center of association. In additional, headmen of villages conveyed the results of ZCD and expectations of the future about Zakat Community Development.

Baznas Sijunjung have a harmonious relationship with the local government. In other words, the government supports the activities of Baznas Sijunjung. Zakat Community Development (ZCD) is one of the Baznas Sijunjung Programs to develop backward regions in terms of religious, economic, educational, and social. Sijunjung in part the region still lags behind modern life, for example in the area of Jorong Napar and Jorong Tanggalo. Government enthusiastically welcomed the program by participating improve the region's infrastructure. Baznas Sijunjung seriously do ZCD National Program from 2013 until now in terms of monitoring to backward regions.

National Program of Zakat Community Development (ZCD) had done among others in terms of Religious namely Mushalla repair of Jorong which the entire community can feel the benefit. With the improvement mosque became a center for worship and guidance in terms of strengthening faith, moral improvement and enhancement of worship. During visit the local area, PUSKAS feel a difference in terms of their religious community. For example, local communities are often to pray. Additionally, before ZCD programs the women wear clothes that are less polite and less hospitable to receive guests, but now the women approach a bit much for wearing a headscarf and hospitable in welcoming guests.

In addition, participants of ZCD Baznas Sijunjung has 40 head of livestock farming sheep which beneficiaries are 20 families (1 pair / KK) and manufacture of bottom fish ban to 5000 where the results can be enjoyed by the whole community in the Jorong. In the field of education, Baznas Sijunjung provide school uniforms, with the number of beneficiaries as many as 37 children. In social affairs, Baznas Sijunjung undertake the construction of houses to beneficiaries 7 KK and groceries to beneficiaries by 43 families.

Due to the limited funds available, not all citizens of Jorong receive assistance from Bazans, whereas according of holy qur'an that they are eligible for assistance of zakat. Baznas Sijunjung makes the priority, for those who earn less but have a body that is still strong enough to work is not main that receive zakat aid, but Baznas Sijunjung give the priority to citizens who weak both physically and economically to get help from Baznas Sijunjung. Baznas Sijunjung guiding those who have a strong physique must be willing to help those who are weak, because it is one of the requirements to get the help of Baznas Sijunjung.

Baznas Sijunjung suggests the citizens to work together, because for him to be better together, this is exemplified with a budget of IDR 15 million could renovate the house to livable, we can imagine that the price of this amount is impossible when renovating their own homes. That is the advantage of living together, of which feels heavy now more noticeably easier. Because math of God can answer the impossible becomes possible. (PUSKAS NEWS / puskasbaznas.com)

The house worth of 15 million