RIAU, November 9, 2016. Puskas Baznas cooperate with Baznas Siak have executed for survey on effectiveness and evaluation of the productive zakat distribution. Look back in the past, Siak district was witness history of the Siak Sri Indrapura Sultanate triumph, a Malay Islamic Kingdom that once stood in the Siak area. Currently, Siak included in Riau Province, located in Sumatra island.

Puskas Baznas and Baznas Siak conduct a survey to 400 mustahik spread across 7 regencies elected – while there are 12 regencies. Siak District election as one of the pilot areas is inseparable from the achievements scored in the collection and distribution of zakat. As confirmed by Secretary Staff of Baznas Siak, Mr. Sutarno, in 2015 Siak was able to collecting zakat Rp 10,49 billions, and also the number of productive zakat beneficiaries recipients is quite large, reached of 580 mustahiq.

The zakat funds rate is not detached of the local government’s role which integrating the payroll system and zakat deductions from the district civil servants salaries. Meanwhile, the prolific of zakat fund mainly gift in form of animal farm such as goats, sheep, and freshwater fish.

In the next goal Baznas Siak will carry back a similar survey to all productive zakat among 1000 mustahiq. (PUSKAS NEWS/ puskasbaznas.com)