PT AIA FINANCIAL partnered with BAZNAS to organize "AIA Kids Care" program on Tuesday (18/7), Thursday (20/7). The peak of this event was held at SD Negeri 01 Bendungan Hilir, Central Jakarta on Saturday (22/7).

This health education program is expected to raise awareness and create a healthy school environment. The targets of this program are 1,100 students from two elementary schools (SD), namely SD Negeri 01 and SD Negeri 05 Bendungan Hilir.

Chief Marketing Officer of PT AIA FINANCIAL, said, "In AIA, we are committed to help people live longer, healthier and better. We also believe, healthy lifestyle practices are very good if started from an early age. In line with that commitment, through this program it is expected that elementary school students are aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a healthy body and being active in exercising as well as maintaining a healthy school environment."

AIA also invites its employees and marketers to contribute directly to the health of the students and the school environment at SD Negeri 01 and 05 Bendungan Hilir. With these contributions, it is expected that AIA employees and marketers can be motivated to implement a healthy lifestyle for themselves as well as the surrounding environment.

Held in this event the dental examination, distribution of free glasses for students in need, fogging and sanitation as well as distribution of school health equipments. The students also received soccer training from a soccer team consisting of AIA employees. In addition, as many as 20 kid doctors would also be appointed as health ambassadors in their school.

BAZNAS deployed the health team from “Rumah Sehat BAZNAS” (BAZNAS Hospital) Jakarta to handle the health problems of these school children. The campaign of healthy life was done in a variety of entertainments such as story telling, Betawi arts and presenting young Indonesian artist.

This program is in line with the program "Anak Sekolah Sehat" (Healthy School Kids) initiated by Rumah Sehat BAZNAS (RSB). In Jakarta, Rumah Sehat has had dozens of health cadres in various elementary schools. They are educated to campaign the spirit of healthy living to their friends. This program is also owned by RSB in other cities such as Makassar, South Sulawesi, which has been educating hundreds of elementary school students to become kid doctors.

Director of the National Distribution, Utilization, Renbang and Diklat Coordination of BAZNAS, M Nasir Tajang expressed high appreciation to AIA for the cooperation done so far.

"Health education to school children is a strategic activity because it involves the next generation of nation," he said.

Nasir said physical health is the main thing for students to spur achievements and contribute to the nation's development. Through this AIA and BAZNAS collaborative program, their awareness of a healthy environment is awakened from an early age. The students are also expected to transmit healthy and clean living behavior to their families.

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