Wednesday, July 26, 2017 PUSKAS BAZNAS conducted a 2nd FGD on Zakat Village Index or Indeks Desa Zakat (IDZ). This was a continue FGD on 14 June 2017.

The FGD was attended by experts representing various institutions which was involved in village development in Indonesia, ie from the Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Village, PDT and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia, National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), Smeru (research center), and Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS).

Also attended by BAZNAS officials who are involved in the ZCD programs, namely the Director of Distribution, Research and National Training, the head of development and training plan division, the head of the collection and utilization division, the head of ZCD division, and the head of the plan and development.

IDZ will be an important instrument for BAZNAS programs. For example Zakat Community Development (ZCD) program in empowering the community by targeting the beneficeries community welfare that living in the villages left behind. In the execution of the program, an index is needed as a valuation tool during the program execution process.

Indonesia has had a Village Development Index created by Bappenas and BPS (2014) and Village Development Index (KPR) established by the Ministry of Village (2015). However, these two indexes differ in methodological terms as well as the score of the assessment index, that why BAZNAS need to create a measuring instrument which suitable with zakat caracteristic program, called Zakat Village Index.

Through the 2nd FGD, Puskas BAZNAS has finished formulating the Zakat Village Index, and it’s currently entering the report preparation stage. The index expected that BAZNAS get precise data in order to determine the distribution of productive programs appropriate for the mustahic community and get the evaluation data from the program.


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