All the discussants are discussing the National Zakat Index (doc. PUSKAS BAZNAS)

The center of strategic studies (PUSKAS) BAZNAS along with BAZNAS East Java was carrying out a focus group discussion on the implementation of National Zakat Index (NZI) in the East Java region on Friday, 4th August 2017.

The discussion was held at the Islamic Center of East Java and attended by the senior researcher of PUSKAS BAZNAS Wahyu Jatmiko, the head of BAZNAS East Java Province KH Abdus Salam Nawawi, and the heads of BAZNAS City/Regency in East Java including those from Tulungagung, Mojokerto, Gresik, Sidoarjo, Lumajang, Madiun, Nganjuk, Trenggalek, Ngawi, Kediri, Malang, Bangkalan, Surabaya and Tuban.

KH Abdus Salam Nawawi (BAZNAS East Java) has received a memento from Wahyu Jatmiko (PUZKAS BAZNAS) (doc. PUSKAS BAZNAS)

As explained by Wahyu, the discussion aimed at disseminating the concept of NZI as a way to measure effectiveness of zakat management in a particular region. The standard measurement of zakat management performance in Indonesia has been missing before PUSKAS BAZNAS introduced NZI as the methodology to do the same. It is expected that the measurement may bring a better decision making for BAZNAS East Java, and thus accelerating the revival of zakat in the region.

Apart from that, the calculation of NZI for the abovementioned regions has also been done by the forum simultaneously. In the foreseeable future, the regions were expected to be able to self-perform their NZI independently.

Wahyu Jatmiko (PUZKAS BAZNAS) has received documents for NZI from Fauzan Zenrif (BAZNAS Malang) (doc. PUSKAS BAZNAS)

Some useful critics have also been delivered by the discussants particularly in incorporating different practical perspectives from each region. For instance, the head of BAZNAS Malang Fauzan Zenrif stated that the proportion of local government budget for BAZNAS as a positive score in NZI might not be applicable for BAZNAS Malang, for the institution rejected the injection fund from the local government for the sake of convenience in the implementation and sufficient fund owned by BAZNAS Malang.

After the implementation of NZI forum, Wahyu also took a chance to visit one of BAZNAS East Java beneficiaries, namely Mrs. Gatot. The 70 year-old woman is a producer of ‘kripik paru’ in Surabaya.

From left to right, Chandra (BAZNAS East Java Province) Mrs. Gatot, Mr. Gatot and Wahyu Jatmiko (PUZKAS BAZNAS) (doc. PUSKAS BAZNAS)

The owner of Kripik Paru Bu Gatot has received Rp 1,000,000 productive zakat from BAZNAS East Java in 2016. The fund has been utilised for raising her business capital. Currently, she is able to produce 3 kilograms of kripik paru every day, which is distributed to many cities in the East Java, not necessarily Surabaya.

~ Wahyu Jatmico, BEcon, M. Sc (Senior Researcher, PUSKAS BAZNAS)