North Sumatera, 17-18 July 2017, PUSKAS BAZNAS reseacher had the opportunity to visit BAZNAS of North Sumatera (SUMUT) Province in order to implement Zakat Productive Impact Assessment 2017. PUSKAS researcher was greeted by Chairman and Members of BAZNAS SUMUT, Mr. Amansyah Nst, Mr. Syahrul Djalal and Mr. Musaddad Lubis. 

On that occasion, BAZNAS SUMUT explained that there are four outlines of the program SUMUT MAKMUR namely (a). Revolving capital for small business, (b). Livestock, (c). Agriculture and (d). Micro business. Including ZCD (Zakat Community Development) program located in three villages in Langkat Regency namely Secanggang Village, Selotong Village and Pantai Gading Village.

PUSKAS had the opportunity to visit some productive zakat business, such as goldfish and bicycle repair. PUSKAS also visit to the community village of palm broom craftsmen who were provided capital assistance by BAZNAS SUMUT in 2004 and were economically independent today.

Goldfish product which managed by Mr. Makmur Simbolon. This program with initial capital Rp. 20.000.000 from BAZNAS SUMUT to buy fish seeds. Then Mr. Makmur manages into three fish ponds, each filled with 300-400 goldfish seedlings with a harvest period of 2 to 3 months. The goldfish harvest depends on the feed given. If using regular feed then per pond can produce about 1.4 tons. If using a seeded feed then per pond can reach a yield of about 2 tons. This harvest has a selling price of around Rp. 23,000 per kilogram.

There is also a community village of palm fiber craftsmen who once provided capital assistance by BAZNAS SUMUT in 2004. Initial conditions at that time the villagers still have a house made of bamboo fiber. They were given assistance of Rp. 1, 000,000 for initial capital and then developed until they can recruit other workers and apply for capital loans from commercial banks. Current conditions they already have a decent residence with permanent buildings and can send their children to college.


~ Puskas News/ Khairunnajah, BEcon (reseacher, PUSKAS BAZNAS)