The Panelists of National Zakat Index Gorontalo (doc. PUSKAS BAZNAS)

Gorontalo is a Muslim majority region located in the north of Sulawesi Island. The province is arguably a new one, for it has just been officially created on December 5, 2000. As the new province, the development of economy in the region is currently in the early stage. Zakat can be a powerful instrument to help the development in the region.

In that regard, the center of strategic studies (PUSKAS) BAZNAS initiated the discussion on the implementation of National Zakat Index (NZI) and measurement of the impact of productive zakat in Gorontalo. Those events were held on 22– 23 August 2017 in Denpasar, Bali.

The former was attended by a senior researcher of PUSKAS BAZNAS Wahyu Jatmiko and the heads of BAZNAS province as well as regency in Gorontalo. Apart from Dr. Hamka Husain as the head of BAZNAS Gorontalo Province, the head of some regencies including Gorontalo Regency, Gorontalo City, Bone Bolangu and North Gorontalo also found attending the discussion.

The discussion which was located at Gorontalo City aimed at discussing and implementing the NZI as a tool to measure effectiveness of Zakat management in Gorontalo. Wahyu explained that the implementation of NZI is very much the need of the hour as before too long the zakat management has been left without standardized measurement which can assess whether a particular zakat management has effectively implemented.

After the discussion, Wahyu and Hamka also visited the Vice Governor of Gorontalo, Dr. Idris Rahim to make a silaturahim and discussion on the development of Zakat in the region. The Vice Governor was very pleased to have BAZNAS representative visit. He recognized the importance of BAZNAS in collecting and distributing zakat funds in the province.

Senior researcher of PUSKAS BAZNAS Wahyu Jatmiko (the second order from left) with Vice Governor of Gorontalo Idris Rahim (the third order from left) (doc. PUSKAS BAZNAS)

In the next day, Wahyu also took a visit to one of BAZNAS beneficiaries in Gorontalo, namely Yanto. The owner of Dhaffa Taylor has received a productive zakat from BAZNAS in 2016. Yanto utilized IDR 4 million zakat received to buy a tailor machine. The injection of capital from zakat has succeeded increase Daffa Taylor’s production capacity by 50%, for the company only had 2 (two) machine for production prior to the productive zakat intervention.

Visiting BAZNAS Gorontalo Zakat Productive Mustahik (doc. PUSKAS BAZNAS)

(Wahyu Jatmiko/ Puskas BAZNAS)