As the realization of its mandate of establishment, Puskas BAZNAS launched Indonesia Zakat Outlook 2017 during National Seminar on Zakat 2016 in UI Campus, Depok, yesterday (12/8). This outlook is part of Puskas BAZNAS effort to provide information on performance of zakat institution in Indonesia and its projection in 2017.

In his welcoming speech, Puskas BAZNAS Director, Irfan Syauqi Beik, stated that this Outlook contained information that needed by public to assess performance of zakat institution objectively. For instance, on collection side, SIMBA data showed that as of August 2016, total collected zakat, infak and sadaqah (ZIS) fund was Rp 3.65 trillion. Individual muzakki payers dominated the collected amount by almost 80 percent. As for distribution side, group of fakir and miskeen was receiving the largest proportion of the fund, i,e. three-fourth from the collected ZIS fund followed by fi sabilillah group.

Speaking on the seminar yesterday, Vice Chairman of BAZNAS, Dr Zainulbahar Noor said that from the proportion of allocated fund, social program was the dominant one. ZIS fund that was allocated for social programs reached 41.27 percent while economic programs took only 15.01 percent. He said the proportion for economic program should be increased in order to give larger opportunity for the zakat recipients to survive in the long run.

In his keynote speech, BAZNAS Chairman, Prof Bambang Sudibyo, expressed BAZNAS commitment to always improve its capacity in managing zakat fund. He emphasized the role of Puskas BAZNAS to back up zakat development in the country by providing research and strategic studies at both macro and micro level.

The seminar was also attended by various prominent figures, such as Nana Mintarti and Irsyadul Halim (both are BAZNAS Board Members), Prof Didin Hafidhuddin (Former BAZNAS chairman), Yusuf Wibisono, Prof Ari Kuncoro, Dr M Akhyar Adnan, Arifin Purwakananta (AZN Director of BAZNAS) and Kiagus M Tohir (General Affairs Director of BAZNAS). Two invited guest from Malaysia, i.e, Tn Haji Azrin Dato Haji Abdul Mannan (Zakat Collection Center - PPZ Kuala Lumpur) and Ustaz Nor Azmi Hj Musa (Zakat Center of Negeri Sembilan), were also sharing their experience in the seminar. The seminar was jointly organized by Publication and Network Division of Puskas BAZNAS and Center of Islamic Business and Economics of UI (PEBS-UI).

Deputy Director on Publication and Network of Puskas BAZNAS, M Hasbi Zaenal hoped that this seminar could give good insight on current progress of zakat management to public. He said that the Zakat Outlook would be made available online to public as soon as possible. (puskas news/