PT Ufia Tirta Mulia entrusted Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds to BAZNAS.  The funds are infak customers who collected Rp 100 million in sales of Ufia products for the past a year.

For seven years since its establishment, Ufia water company invites its customers to care, share with others in need of assistance. The call is realized in the sales strategy, where every purchase of one liter of drinking water,  the customers giving charity of Rp 15 to be distributed through BAZNAS programs.

This year, PT Ufia Tirta Mulia's CSR data will be distributed to SMEs in Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang and Bekasi (Jabodetabek) in the form of capital to sell bottled water. In 2017, it is targeted that around 50 SMEs actors can be helped through this program.

The CSR delivery ceremony was held at the location one of the beneficiaries, namely Toko Pak Wari, located at Jalan Pramuka Sari, Rawasari, Central Jakarta (Wednesday, 20/9). Also attended the President Director of PT Ufia, Mr. H. Ardju Fahadaina.

Deputy BAZNAS Mr. Arifin Purwakananta said that the corporate belief of implementing CSR in cooperation with BAZNAS  is getting better.

"To the corporate partners, BAZNAS offers CSR implementation with an approach to achieving global development goals (SDGs) released by the UN Development Organization (UNDP)," he explained.

Arifin added that the BAZNAS CSR program is measured through the SROI or social return on investment method so that it is measurable and has more effective impact. This has led to BAZNAS being selected as a partner of CSR by many corporations over the past two years.

Thus, BAZNAS invites other companies to jointly build a less fortunate society in Indonesia. As like Ufia, who raise funds every year through its products can help it be impossible to be empowered.