For strengthening the economy of ummah and assisting the poor, The National Board of Zakat (Baznas) of Yogyakarta City launched 3P Pharmacy in Jalan Tamansiswa Yogyakarta. This pharmacy was inaugurated by Deputy Mayor of Yogyakarta, Heroe Poerwadi.

Deputy Head of Executive of Yogyakarta City Baznas, Misbachruddin, said the pharmacy will only serve the needs of medicines from ummah in the whole of the mosque in Yogyakarta City by applying discounts for the poor.

"Those who use this pharmacy firstly must have a membership card, also bring a recommendation letter from the head of the mosque.This pharmacy is not olny just for business purposes, but also must return to the mosque," he said Friday (22/9).

He explains that if 3P Pharmacy belongs to ummah, the buyer is ummah, and marketers is ummah. This pharmacy proposes an economic movement of ummah with the jargon 'from ummah, by ummah, and for ummah'.

On the occasion, Deputy Mayor of Yogyakarta, Heroe Poerwaedi, also inaugurated the new program Baznas Yogyakarta City. This program focuses on productive economic empowerment and based on the type of business most in demand by prospective recipients.

"There are three types of businesses that are most desirable, namely Angkringan Mas Zakki business, Mas Zakki Sel (purchasing pulse and servicing SIM card), and Mas Zakki Go (selling fried foods)," said Misbachruddin.

Baznas of Yogyakarta City, he continued, has provided a capital assistance, in the form of wagons to sell, as well funds. Those are endowment  so there are no need to return capital. For every business, there are 20 beneficiaries.

furthermore, Baznas Kota Yogyakarta also provides all recipients with the knowledge and skill for running the business through Saudagar Sekolah for a month.

"After the business runs, the recipient is obliged to save 2.5 percent per month from the profit earned. The total fund for this program is IDR 390 milion," he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor, Heroe Poerwadi, appreciate that has been strived Baznas Yogyakarta City. According to him, Baznas has consistently built people through zakat, infaq, and alms funds.

He hopes that the various programs can be intermediary of improving the quality of worship in establishing relationships with the Khaliq, human being as well as the momentum of the revival of zakat and ummah.

(Puskas News)