The National Zakat Board (Baznas) is optimistic to reach the target of zakat collection this year Rp. 8, 12 trillion.

Baznas Chairman Bambang Sudibyo said the target is still far from the expected number of about 10% of the potential of individual ZIS collection nationally this year reached Rp.13.8 trillion.

"Based on our research in Baznas, this year the potential of individual ZIS collection rearch Rp.138 trillion. So if we can take 10% means Rp. 13, 8 trillion. However, our target this year only Rp.8, 12 trillion, "he said on Thursday (5/10/2017).

According to him, the biggest challenge facing Baznas is how to increase the collection of ZIS nationally to reach at least 10% in 2017 as much as Rp.13.8 trillion,

He explained public confidence in Baznas continues to increase as seen from the results of individual ZIS collection in 2016 Rp.5, 12 trillion, which increased from the realization of the previous year Rp. 3, 6 trillion.

"The funds are distributed according to the eighth asnaf through programs in the fields of economy, health, education, social humanitarian, and da'wah by 80%," he said.

Bambang said Baznas is increasingly recognized as a state institution serving the community in the management of ZIS and other religious social funds, including corporate social responsibility funds.

Baznas also wants to expand the object of zakat, including zakat agencies, corporations, stocks, deposits, mining products and other contemporary objects of zakat.

Related to the expectation, he added, it becomes important for Baznas to develop the fiqh of zakat, because the structure and economic system in the time of Prophet S.a.w is very different from today. "So, zakat contektualization becomes important for us to continuously we develop" he said.

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