The National Board of Zakat (BAZNAS) The Republic of Indonesia held a coordination meeting of National Zakat at Mercure Hotel, Ancol, North Jakarta, Wednesday (4/10). The event was attended by hundreds of Baznas officials from all over Indonesia.

The event titled ‘Mainstreaming Infaq Sadaqah Zakat (ZIS) in the Indonesian Islamic Finance Architecture (AKSI) and Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals' was also attended by Vice President, Jusuf Kalla.

Chairman BAZNAS Bambang Sudibyo, in his speech explained the increasing amount of zakat collection from the community.

"BAZNAS began to be recognized by state institutions to manage Zakat, Infaq, Sadaqah (ZIS), other social funds, and even CSR." The collection of Zakat Infaq Sadaqah 2016 reached 5.12 trillion Rupiah, growing 39.5 percent from 2015 reached 3.67 trillion Rupiah." Bambang at Mercure Hotel, Ancol, North Jakarta, (4/10).

He explains, this year is actually the potential of collecting individual zakat amounting to 138 trillion Rupiah. However, of that number BAZNAS targets can collect 10 percent of that amount.

"If the 10 percent (individual zakat potential) is 13.8 trillion Rupiah, the target of this year is 8.12 trillion Rupiah, still far enough from what we desire," added Bambang.
BAZNAS, he said, is currently strengthening the zakat board and amil zakat as an institution managing Islamic finance. Hopefully, BAZNAS can become a credible financial institution and meet OJK standards.

This, according to Bambang, can be achieved by the synergy of distribution with poverty alleviation by the government.

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