As research and strategic studies institution, Puskas BAZNAS launched its scholarly journal named as International Journal of Zakat, abbreviated as IJAZ. Speaking on its launching ceremony on 12/8, Puskas BAZNAS Director, Irfan Syauqi Beik said that this journal would be published twice a year and targeted to be indexed in Scopus within 3-4 years. IJAZ is expected to be the media of sharing current update on zakat studies.

BAZNAS Chairman, Prof Bambang Sudibyo welcomed this journal and hoped that it would increase public awareness and understanding on zakat matter. This is very important so that zakat potential can be realized and optimized.

Deputy Director of Puskas BAZNAS on Publication and Network, Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal, said that this first edition of IJAZ published 7 articles that have fulfilled IJAZ requirement and standard. Prof Ma'sum Billah, one of the most prominent Islamic economist, was one of the authors contributing for this first volume. Hasbi called all scholars to submit their articles for next edition of IJAZ. This journal can be accessed online through Puskas BAZNAS official website. (puskas news/