In order to implement the Zakat Village Index (IDZ), Centre for Strategic Studies BAZNAS (PUSKASBAZNAS) visited BAZNAS branch Malang city to conduct a pilot project to implementation the index on Tuesday, September 26, 2017. The trial was conducted in Buring village, Kadungkandang sub-district, Malang city, by two senior researchers PUSKAS, Ninik Annisa and Wahyu Jatmiko.

Zakat Village Index (IDZ) is a new measurement tool developed by the BAZNAS Strategic Review and Assessment Centre team to measure thoroughly how much a village needs to be assisted by using zakat funds. In addition, the measuring instrument of this index is also useful to see the development of zakat community development (ZCD) in the village.

BAZNAS branch Malang city is chosen as a good regional representation of zakat management. Chairman of BAZNAS Malang city, Dr. Fauzan said that his region has developed a health facilitation program for the poor elderly. The mentoring is done once a month by PKKM team (paramedic), and medical examination by doctor once every three months. Assistance by the PKKM team includes checking the activities of elderly worship such as reciting the Quran, praying, and fasting. Moreover, the companion also checks blood pressure and nutrition consultation for the elderly.

Companions in the PKKM program consist of households who have a social life and spirit of sharing to each other. At first they were not given any incentives. Over time, ideas for the production of herbs that provide benefits to the elderly. On the other hand, the goods can provide income for the companion because the herbs can also be marketed to public.

Currently PKMM also has one competitive product, namely Jamu Gendong. Jamu Gendong is the brand name used for herbal products manufactured and marketed by PKKM BAZNAS branch Malang city. Herbal medicine produced in the form of Jamu ready to drink in the bottle and herbal drinks in the form of powder. Nowadays ready to drink herbals which is produced are herbal rice kencur, herbal turmeric tamarind, key herbal medicine, and herbal sinom. While herbal medicine in the form of powder packaging consists of temulawak juice, instant ginger, etc.

Production of Jamu Gendong has been done by using the machine, although for production is still on a small scale. Available machines consist of chopping machines and mixing materials for making herbs, separator between juice with pulp, drying machine to make the essence of herbal medicine into powder form, etc. The machines are both artificial as well as donations from creative hands that replicate machines from original machines that sold in machine shops.

Jamu Gendong management is the companion of elderly PKKM BAZNAS branch Malang city They divide the task according to mutual agreement such as the production of Jamu, packaging, marketing, book-keeping, etc. After the production of Jamu are able to go into market and achieve sufficient profits, the BAZNAS Malang City to give appreciation to the households who joined in the PKKM.

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