Monday 25 September 2017, the research team Center of Strategic Studies, BAZNAS accompanied by Zakat Community Development (ZCD) team Faruq Abdillah had the opportunity to visit Langkat Regency. The visit is for the implementation of zakat community post-program survey which has been rolled out by the ZCD team.

Research team of BAZNAS was accepted by the Chairman of BAZNAS Langkat Regency, Mr. Abdurahman, in the afternoon the research team had the opportunity to meet with the Head of Subdistrict of Secanggang, Secanggang Village and Pantai Gading Village. The meeting discussed briefly the condition of the secanggang village and the slaughter village that has been distributed aid in the form of sheep including information about standardization of cage and feed and distribution in the form of community in cutting village and in the form of individual in secanggang village.

On Tuesday, September 26th, 2017, the BAZNAS Strategic Studies Center team had the opportunity to participate in reviewing the village of the great quala that is the village that will be assessed for the submission of the next community zakat distribution. To reach the village takes approximately 1.5 hours by boat or ship engine.

After reviewing the large kuala village, the Center of Strategic Studies, BAZNAS team conducted an interview for filling out the questionnaire of the zakat village index with the Head of Selotong Village who was previously unable to attend the meeting at the subdistrict office. Due to the current condition that is not possible to see the cattle that have been distributed by the ZCD team.

Wednesday 27 September 2017, one of the BAZNAS research team had the opportunity to visit BAZNAS of North Sumatra Province before returning to Jakarta. At the meeting, researchers was welcomed by BAZNAS leaders of North Sumatra Province and several representatives of the BAZNAS Regency to explain the concept of the National Zakat Index.