On 19 October 2017, the Center of Strategic Studies BAZNAS had the opportunity to visit the LAZ PZU-Persis and was greeted by its Executive Director Mr. Angga Nugraha. The Center of Zakat Umat (PZU) was established in 2001 and confirmed by the government as the National LAZ in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Minister of Religious Affairs RI No.865 of 2016.

PZU has several excellent programs for mustahik such as Ummat Peduli program (assistance to Ibn Sabil, Gharimin, Muallaf, victims of natural disasters in several regions, etc.); Ummat Pintar (scholarship assistance); Ummah Sehat (free medical treatment / assistance and ambulance assistance for society); Ummat Mandiri (capital assistance for entrepreneurs); Ummat Sholeh (assistance in the field of da'wah and social-religious).

Zakat Allocation to Collection Ratio  (ACR) in PZU has reached a good percentage that is 82.22% (until June 2017). The total ZIS fund (until June 2017) has also reached Rp. 7,883,602,369 with a number of mustahik about 47,406 people. The challenges faced by LAZ PZU include the need to guard their featured program Ummat Mandiri program more carefully as there are still some mustahik who still misuse the aid program. Meanwhile PZU also hopes that the synergy between LAZ and BAZNAS will be stronger in the future.

The next day, on 20 October 2017, the Center of Strategic Studies BAZNAS also had the opportunity to visit LAZ Dompet Peduli Ummat-Daarut Tauhid (DPU-DT) and received by the Head of the Secretariat Mrs. Ratna Puspita. Dompet Peduli Ummat is a National LAZ that established on June 16th, 1999 By KH Abdullah Gymnastiar as part of the Daarut Tauhiid Foundation.

DPU is a non-profit organization engaged in the collection (fundraisning) and Zakat fund administration, Infaq, Whadaqah and waqf (ZISWAF). LAZ DPU-DT which was confirmed by the government as the National LAZ according to the Decree of the Minister of Religious Affairs No. 257 of 2016. DPU-UDT also has several excellent programs such as Micro-Sharia Community Based Program (Misykat).

Misykat is a productive economic empowerment program that is managed systematically, intensively and sustainably. Here the participants (mustahik) are given revolving funds, skills and insight, education, saving, potential excavation, moral and character development so that they become empowered and encouraged to be more independent. For education-related programs, DPU-DT also provides scholarships for the needy and underprivileged children.

In the field of social and humanitarian, DPU-DT has also provided assistance to several countries such as Palestine, Syria, Somalia and Myanmar and also provide free ambulance services for the local community in Bandung. Zakat Allocation to Collection Ratio (ACR) in the DPU has) reached a good rate of 85.2% (until September 2017). The total ZIS has also reached Rp. 76,655,316,111 with a mustahik number of about 917,794 inhabitants fund (until September 2017).

The challenges faced by LAZ DPU are the requirement for ZIS collection and disbursement program to be more creative in the future. Meanwhile DPU also hopes that in the future of ZIS fund can be more beneficial for the beneficiaries not only for consumptive purpose but also be for productive purpose.