In order to implement the National Zakat Index (NZI), Centre for Strategic Studies BAZNAS (PUSKAS BAZNAS) visited BAZNAS Province Papua to conduct some activities on Tuesday, September 26, 2017. The event was attended by new board members representing 6 Regions in Papua, while some other regions could’nt come to the event due to lack of transportation and fund.

The Deputy Director of PUSKAS BAZNAS, who comes representing the Institution, stressing the importance of NZI as the standard measurement to evaluate the performance of Zakat. This implementation of this instrumen not only will give benefit at national level, but also will help regions in measuring the progress and effectivity of their program.

In this occasion, The Deputy Director also introduced the National Village Index as the new parameter to asses the eligibility of a community to receive ZCD ( Zakat Community Development) program. BAZNAS Papua , in response to this new instrument, were very enthusiastic so that expecting to create some areas that eligible to be included in ZCD program.