In an order to completing Zakat Outlook 2018, Puskas BAZNAS conducted a series of visits to several Laznas, including in Surabaya and Bandung. Is Muhamad Choirin, Ph.D., researcher at Puskas made a two-day visit to the headquarters of YDSF and Yatim Mandiri located in Surabaya.

On Thursday, October 19, 2017 at YDSF Headquarters Jalan Kertajaya 8C / 17, Muhammad Choirin was received directly by YDSF President Director Jauhari Sani along with several YDSF officials, Makmun Affani and Mas Rahmad. During the meeting, YDSF Director expressed his appreciation for Puskas's visit while recounting the history of YDSF's founding and working for 30 years.

In addition to conveying the purpose of his arrival, Choirin began his speech by introducing Puskas Baznas as a center of study established on the basis of the decree of Chairman of Baznas, Prof. Dr. BambangSudibyo. Choirin added that Puskas BAZNAS is a special program dedicated to distributing and / or utilizing zalcat in terms of data centers, research, and zakat strategic studies to advance national law.

After the statistical data preparation profession was completed, Choirin was accompanied by Mas Rahmad; staff of orphan and orphaned empowerment program through Surabaya city to review YDSF's location. In an alley, various mentoring and empowerment activities were conducted at the site, among others Pen Yatim, Pena Bangsa and Mother Orphan.

On the second day, Friday, October 20, 2017, Puskas visit Yatim Mandiri. Exactly at 8.30, Mr. Rudi Mulyono with the team arrived at the hotel lobby. This time, PuskasBaznas got a special welcome because Mr. Rudi Mulyono as GM Charity Support picked up researcher puskas to the hotel. After traveling about 30 minutes, arrived at the head office of YatimMandiri located on JlJambangan no. 135-137 Surabaya.

Once there, the leaders are ready to accept this visit. Among the officials involved in welcoming this visit were Mr. Rudi Mulyono as GM Charity Support YatimMandiri, Mr. Muklis as Director of MEC, Mr. BagusSumbodo as Finance Manager of YatimMandiri, Mr. HeniSetiawan as Personnel and General Manager of Orphan and AndriyasEkoVantovy as GM Fundraising Support YatimMandiri.

In the meeting that started from 09:00 to 11:15, many things are discussed. Among the main points are related to statistical data collection and distribution and problem of the world of treasure. In addition, superior products and programs become one of the very interesting points discussed. Rudi Mulyono stated that the main activity of YatimMandiri is to provide the skills and orphan mental to become independent and competent ruler.

Visiting activities were postponed for Friday services. After conducting Friday prayers, researcher PuskasBaznas was asked to conduct a survey to the MandiriEntrepeneur Center (MEC) which is located not far from the head office. In this training center, about 80 orphans from various regions in Indonesia are given scientific supplies and skills. Within a one-year training period, they are printed into entrepreneurs and earning. Even the majority of them have had a business before the graduation takes place. In addition to MEC, the visit was conducted at STAI Anajah Campus in Sidoarjo. On the sidelines of the visit, researcher PuskasBaznas was given the honor to convey motivation to them.

( | Muhammad Choirin, PhD)