Jakarta, 13th December 2016. Puskas Baznas was successfully developing of National Zakat Index (NZI). Regarding of this affair, Puskas Baznas held press conference attended by Prof. Bambang Soedibyo (Chairman of BAZNAS), and other of BAZNAS authorities such as Nana Mintarti (Executive Committee of BAZNAS), Arifin Purwakananta (Director of Amil), and Irfan Syauqi Beik (Director of Puskas).

National Zakat Index (NZI) is an indicator that can describe the role of zakat to overcome poverty, increase prosperity and indicate the stage of development of zakat institution which can be seen from the internal management, public participation, and government support. "This index can be used as a reference in evaluating the current condition of zakat management, as well as a reference in formulating policy," according to Prof. Bambang Soedibyo (13/12).

Irfan said, so far there has been no standard measurement tool to measure zakat performance and zakat development were implemented in zakat institutions, both national and international levels. Therefore, the existence of NZI is very important in determining the successful achievement of zakat development in Indonesia.

Furthermore, according to BAZNAS Chairman Prof. Dr Bambang Sudibyo, NZI aims to improve the quality of the zakat management to achieve the objectives of zakat as stated in the act No. 23/2011. He said, this index calculation can be directly implemented in the first quarter 2017 and can be calculated periodically one or twice a year based on national benefits. "Not only by the institution of zakat, NZI is expected to become a measurement standard that can be applied by regulators, charity organizations, and the public in evaluating the development of a national charity," he concluded. (puskasbaznas.com)