Picture: Handover of PUSKAS Plaque to the Chairman of BAZNAS SULTRA

BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies (PUSKAS BAZNAS) continues to intensively hold the implementation of the National Zakat Index (IZN) to all provinces in Indonesia. On 24th of October, 2017 Southeast Sulawesi (Sultra) turn to be the object of implementation of the index.

Wahyu Jatmiko Senior Researcher PUSKAS BAZNAS became a speaker in the socialization and implementation of the IZN. Moreover, IZN is an index designed specifically to calculate the performance of national zakat. In practice it can be used at the national, provincial and district/ city levels. IZN has become part of the policy of zakah in Indonesia as a performance measurement of the official zakat institution of BAZNAS as the regulator and operator of zakat in Indonesia.

The socialization activities were conducted simultaneously with the Coordination Meeting of BAZNAS in South Sulawesi province which was attended not only from zakat activists like all BAZNAS leaders of regencies / cities in Sultra, but also all of the stakeholders related to zakat, such as Civil servant (ASN), Indonesia Police (POLRI) and National Army (TNI).

Additionally, Wahyu said that the implementation of IZN is important for better decision making process, especially for zakat institution in Indonesia. During the period, the decision on the zakat institution was decided without valid data so the decision taken could be less precisely. Lastly, Wahyu also added, that with the implementation of IZN, BAZNAS Sultra not only know the condition of zakat management in the area alone, but they can also see how the performance of zakah in other regions was. This is very useful for taking lessons from areas that already have a good zakat performance.