Picture: Handover of PUSKAS Plaque to the Head of BAZNAS NTB

In an effort to improve the performance of national zakah. Center of Strategic Studies (PUSKAS) BAZNAS continues to work on implementing the calculation of IZN (National Zakah Index) to all provinces in Indonesia. Meanwhile, on Friday, October 27, 2017, West Nusa Tenggara Province (NTB) get the turn for the next IZN implementation. Wahyu Jatmiko, Senior Researcher of PUSKAS BAZNAS became a speaker in the socialization and implementation of the IZN.

IZN is a composite index created to calculate zakat performance in Indonesia at national, provincial and district level. IZN has become part of the zakah policy in Indonesia as a performance measurement of the official zakat institution, BAZNAS as well as the regulator and operator of zakat in Indonesia.

The socialization and implementation of IZN in NTB were held in NTB Islamic Center building. The event was also attended by the chairman of the BAZNAS NTB commissioner along with several leaders of the BAZNAS Regency/City (Kabupaten/Kota) in NTB.

During the occasion, Wahyu said that the implementation of IZN is important for the better decision-making process, especially for zakat institution in Indonesia. NTB, known for its good Islamic faith, needs to improve its performance in order to increase their contribution, especially to the reduction of poverty in the area. IZN provides an objective picture of this issue. It should be acknowledged that so far the decision on the zakat institution is more done without valid data so that it can cause less precisely the decision taken.

With the implementation of IZN, BAZNAS NTB can also see what would be the best practice of zakat management in other regions that have high IZN index. Moreover, not just the performance in general, IZN can also reflect all the dimensions, indicators and even variables that make up the index. This is because the index is prepared by multistage index method.