Jakarta, December 13, 2016. Puskas Baznas has successfully organized public hearing on the research of National Zakat Index (NZI). This event enthusiastically attended by the heads of several zakat institutions, practitioners, and academicians.

In the development of zakat management, both Indonesia as well as international level, there has been no standard can be used to measure the zakat performance and zakat development. In fact, the existence of NZI is very important in determining the achievement of zakat development especially for zakat institution in Indonesia.



Regarding of this event, Director of Puskas Baznas, Irfan Syauqi Beik said, formulation of NZI is using research-based Mixed Methods, which is research methodology that integrates quantitative and qualitative methods. The research team of Puskas Baznas was set a guideline for this NZI is called as SMART, it consists of specific, measurable, applicable, reliable, and timely.

In additional, Deputy Director of Puskas Baznas (research division) Mohamad Soleh Nurzaman said, NZI components are divided into macro and micro dimensions. Both of the dimensions then breakdown into more detail components. Micro dimension has three indicators which are government regulation, government budget, and database of zakat institution, while micro dimension has two indicators which are zakat institution, and zakat impact. “The value of NZI will be in the range of 0.00 to 1.00, this means that the lower of index the worse is the performance, and the higher of index means the better performance” as stated by Mohamad Soleh Nurzaman.



National Zakat Index (NZI) is expected to become a measurement standard of the national zakat level in Indonesia that can be measured periodically, ie: every year, so the evaluation can be done sustainably. In addition to the national level, NZI is also can be applied at the regional level. Hence the comparison between local provinces, and the evaluation of the performance of Zakat distribution is possible to be observed. (puskasbaznas.com)